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Chen Family Taiji Bare Handed Forms

Yilu | Erlu (Paochui, Cannon Fist)

Old Frame First Form (Yilu)

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Old Frame Second Form (Cannon Fist or Paochui)
Posture Names

    1. Beginning posture
    2. Vajra pounds mortar
    3. Grab and tuck clothes
    4. Six sealing & four closing
    5. Dantian change
    6. Protecting heart fist
    7. Diagonal step
    8. Turn around, Vajra pounds mortar
    9. Angled body strike
    10. Point to the groin
    11. Chopping hand
    12. Turning flower
    13. Dancing sleeves
    14. Hidden hand punch
    15. Waist blocking elbow strike
    16. Great red fist
    17. Little red fist
    18. Jade girl runs through the shuttle
    19. Ride the dragon reversely
    20. Hidden hand punch
    21. Wrapping cannons
    22. Beast's head posture
    23. Splitting posture
    24. Hidden hand punch
    25. Tame the tiger
    26. Wipe the brow red
    27. Yellow dragon stirs the water three times
    28. Left rush
    29. Right rush
    30. Hidden hand punch
    31. Sweeping hall leg
    32. Hidden hand punch
    33. Complete cannon hammer
    34. Hidden hand punch
    35. Strike the groin, strike the heart
    36. Left two red
    37. Right two red
    38. Turn around, cannon before the door
    39. Change posture, great catching cannon
    40. Waist blocking elbow strike
    41. Natural blocking elbow
    42. Lower cannon strike
    43. Turn around and enter the well
    44. Closing

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