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Instructors Who Had A Significant Influence on Tony Wong's Martial Arts and Chen Taiji Development

Master Cai Song Fang

Master Cai Song Fang is seated in the midst of members of Wing's, a Wing Chun club.   Tony Wong, one of the co-founders of the club, is kneeling on Master Cai's immediate left holding onto one edge of the Wing's logo sign.   Another club member is holding the Chinese calligraphic composition, "Wuji Qigong", handwritten by Master Cai Song Fang.

Master Cai Song Fang

Wuji Qigong practice with Master Cai Song Fang
Master Cai Song Fang

Push hand with Master Cai Song Fang

Master Zhang Xuexin

Tony and Master Zhang Xuexin

Informal photo taken during one of the Sunday intimate closed private practice sessions. Tony and Master Zhang Xuexin seated on the sofa taking a break and chatting informally about Taijiquan.

Master Chen Qingzhou

Tony Wong and Master Chen Qingzhou

Master Chen Qingzhou showing the correlation of dantian rotation and the Taiji bang to Tony.

Master Chen Qingzhou

Chen Qingzhou practicing Taiji in the snow... at his school.

Calligraphy on the wall are by Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Wang Xian, and many others.....

Tony & Master Chen Qingzhou

Tony at Master Chen Qingzhou's school in China.

Tony & Master Chen Xiaowang

Xin Jia with Master Chen Xiaowang.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou

Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang are Tony's primary Chen Taijiquan teachers. This picture was taken in 1985.

Tony & Master Chen Zhengzhong

Master Chen Zhengzhong and Tony at the Yiquan workshop.

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