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Friends, Other Instructors, Fellow Students

Master Zhang and Close Students
left to right: Douglas Lock, John Ho, Mrs. Zhang, Master Zhang Xuexin, Tony Wong, Wilson Ng.

Tony Wong & Douglas Lock demonstrating push hands

Master Zhang, his senior students and certified instructors of the Feng Zhiqiang Taijiquan Academy, U.S.A.

Tony and friends resting after practicing the Chen Family Taiji spear set.

left to right: Chen Zhenglei, Tony Wong, Shawn Liu Xiangyang

Tony practices push hands with Chen Zhenglei.

Ju Tin Cai, Terry & Tony

Tony and Master Yao Chengguang at Yao's home in Beijing

Chen Bing and Tony in St. Helena

Chen Bing and Mark Wasson with the NNRS Group

Signall Hill, where Master Chen teaches in Hong Kong

Master Chen Xiaowang with a close group at SF in 2007

Master Chen Bing and Sifu Tony

Tony at Chen Bing's school

Tony push hands with Chen Xiaoxing
Chen Xiaoxing with Tony's group

Tony practicing with his Taiji brothers
Mark Chen, Daniel Gere, Tony Mak and Tony resting after a strenuous practice.

Tony and Wu Bin (Jet Li's teacher) judging at a tournament

Bryant Fong, Chen Xiang, Tony and Michael Dorgan

Tony and his three Taiji brothers, Master Chen JiaQiang, Master Zhi WuYing and Master Dan Gere
Tony and Dan with Master Gao Sen

Tony and Master Zhu Tiancai in Zhu's home in China

Tony and Master Liu Jishun

Tony with Master Tian Qiuxin

Tony was invited by Maser Li Xiaoming to visit Chaozhou, China: Taiji Exchange

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