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Taiji Conference Events and Awards in Wenxian County, PRC

Tony won the 1st grade award for his Lao Jia Chen Taiji Form competition performance with a gold medal.

International Gold Medallist!?

Tony and competitor during push hands competition.

Tony declared winner of this push hands match - 21 to 0

Students from Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou's school: winners of various events at the Taiji Conference.

Ceremony at Grandmaster Chen Qingahou's school to acknowledge their status.   Each of these students will receive a small remuneration from the National Neigong Research Society General Scholarship Fund for doing well at the Conference.

Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou and his eldest son Chen Youze are the heads of the committee that will administer the funds that will be given to winners of the Taiji Conference in his school.   These funds are donated by the National Neigong Research Society to help these students financially so that they can pursue their goals of becoming excellent Taiji practitioners.

Chen village children standing and observing the award ceremony at Grandmaster Qingzhou's school.   They are looking on with admiration and with hope that someday, they too can excel in Taiji and gain champion status.

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