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Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou and Family

Grandmaster and Simu Chen Qingzhou with two of their grandchildren along with some members of the National Neigong Research Society.

Tony working out in Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou's School in Wenxian County, Henan Province.

Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou's School Location: Xulu, Lin Zhao, Wenxian, Henan Province, PRC 454894

Contact Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou at: (0391)6461126

Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou on his moped -- his mode of transportation for distance-traveling, running quick errands,etc.

Three of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou's sons: Chen Youwah, Chen Youze, Chen Youqiang

Tony and NNRS team members with Coach Chen Youqiang - visiting and exploring the arena prior to the official start of the Taiji Conference.

Chen Youqiang, Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou's fifth son, was the coach for the NNRS team.

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